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Strong Winds Threaten to Destroy Haunted Halloween House in Kennewick

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KENNEWICK, WA. -- As surely you all know, Halloween is Saturday. Kids and parents all over the country are getting ready to hit their streets for some free candy. Locally though, mother nature is threatening to ruin the fun. 

The unsuspecting drivers on 4th Street, have no idea the terror that will unfold here Saturday night. And of course some fun too. 

"Everybody has a fear of something," Bill Hammond said. "Some people it's snakes, some people it's spiders, some people it's clowns, some people it's dogs, and we have all of that, claustrophobia. There's just something for everybody."

Bill Hammond is the evil mastermind behind this homemade freight fest in his own front yard. And he's been working hard for weeks to make it all happen. 

"We even take time off work trying to get this thing together," Hammond said. 

But in one day, the ghastly wind threatens to destroy all of it. 

"The wind is absolutely tearing things apart," Hammond said. "It's just tearing everything apart."

Now Bill and his family will be working well into the night, clamping the tarps and tying down everything they can to salvage their scary creation, while spending thousands. 

"You have no idea what the frustration level is for everybody that's involved with this. It's just kind of like, you have to be kidding me," Bill told us. 

But if it works out, Bill won't regret any of it. 

"When all the trick or treaters are having a fantastic time, there's people all over the place, it's worth it. Right there it's worth it," Bill said. "Up to that point it's not, and after that point it's not, but right there it's all worth it."

So while, right now, there's more tricks than treats on 4th Avenue. Come back Saturday night. And see what kind of scares you find. That is, if you dare!