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Prepare to Navigate Airports as More People Rev Up for Holiday Travels

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WAKE UP NORTHWEST - Whether it's business or to catch up with family, chances are your plans include some traveling this season. But not knowing what to pack or what documents to have on hand can really slow you and others down at the airport, which is the last thing we need when we're on the go. 

We paid Yakima Air Terminal a visit to learn what travel regulations we need to know. 

Now we've heard it before, the earlier you show up, the better. An hour and a half before domestic flights and three hours prior to an international flight. 

"We do see some people that straggle in late last minute. If they don't have a boarding pass, they're not going to be able to traverse through the screening check point to board the aircraft," said Robert Peterson, Airport Manager. 

And recently, you might have heard about the Department of Homeland Security's ruling, which says a Washington driver's license isn't strict enough for flying. While your standard I.D. will still work, Peterson tells us the ruling might go into effect as early as next year. 

"In the near future, in 2016, I would definitely recommend checking back to ensure there's any type of regulation changes." said Peterson. 

Also, keep the 3-1-1 rule in mind when preparing for your next trip. Containers with liquid can be more than 3.4 oz. They must be in 1 quart size bag and each person is allowed 1 bag. 

"All those small helpful hints make the screening process smoother," added Peterson. 

And before you head out, check to see if your airline has an app you can download straight on to your phone for the latest information on your flight.