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A Look Into How The Instructors Teaching Your Kids Are Hired

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YAKIMA, WA - Last week we brought you a disturbing story out of Grandview, a teacher's aide was accused of using packing tape on two students. Something like this brings into question how districts go about hiring their teachers, we spoke with one local district about their methods.

The hiring process is very involved, it can take up to three to four weeks to get through, but even with the extensive procedures some districts have still ended up having to investigate their employees.

The Yakima School District told us every new hire goes through fingerprinting, drug tests, and a Washington State Patrol screening, that evaluates their teaching applications and criminal history.

"If their disclosure does not check out with the state patrol check then we address that with those individuals and they're probably not even considered after that," Human Resource Assistant Superintendent, Kelly Garza told us.

Even with all the background checks some can still slip through the cracks.

"People make mistakes, and when mistakes are made we investigate and deal with them accordingly," Garza said.

In June the Yakima School District investigated accusations that one of their para-professionals at Franklin Middle School had inappropriate relations with a student, and in recent weeks the Grandview School District began an investigation into an incident that involved a teacher's aide using packing tape on a student.  

"We do the best we can as does I think every district to make sure everyone that comes in and is working with our kids is safe to be around," Garza said.

Hailey Mccaffery a teacher in Yakima for five years told us she's had more than 30 teacher's aides filter through her classroom, she has to be able to trust and rely on the hiring process, "We entrust them in these teacher's aides care, when they're at recess, lunch, or breakfast, so it's so important that we can trust them and they are safe responsible adults and role models for these kids."

We're told the hiring process for all teaching staff in the Yakima School District is the same, they make sure all their hires are thoroughly screened.