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Viewer Sends Mysterious Video and Asks; Is This A Ghost?

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KENNEWICK, WA. -- Do you believe in ghosts? If not, we've got a story for you that might not change you mind. But it could make you think.

The video isn't long or complex, just 10 seconds of a shadowy figure moving one way, and then moving back. The question is what do you think it is?

The ghouls and goblins from Halloween may be put away. But real life ghosts, if they exist, may never go away. A viewer who wished to remain anonymous sent us this surveillance video from their front yard with one question, "Is this a ghost?"

"There is a basic humanistic outline to it," Richard Flynn of CenterState Paranormal Investigators said. "So initial reaction I would have to say there is something behind it."

So we turned to some experts. We invited Richard and Char from CenterState Paranormal Investigators who came in from Toppenish. They immediately said what we're seeing, could be something more supernatural. 

"It has to be residual energy," Richard said. "Residual energy are people who have passed away and they are not aware that they have. So they're just going about their daily routine of what they did when they were alive. Something like this, it looks like he's just going through a normal routine for say working on a car."

We asked you on Facebook what you saw. The consensus; just a bug. One person even sent us their own security camera with bugs on it to compare. But Richard disagrees. 

"That would be more pronounced, that would be a solid color," he said. "Where as when it comes over here you can see completely through it to the mirror."

These paranormal investigators say it's OK if you don't believe them. They aren't here to change your mind..

"Well everything we do is speculation because there is no way to prove it," Richard said. 

But if you're scared of ghosts, don't be. They say supernatural energy almost never wants to cause harm. 

"99% of the time they are friendly," Richard told us. "A lot of times they have something they want to say, they just don't know how to do it."

So, we asked the experts. But in the end, it comes down to your beliefs. So, tell us, what are you seeing?