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86 Year Old Kennewick Woman Returns Home After Being Kidnapped

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KENNEWICK, WA- A Kennewick elderly woman was kidnapped from her home Monday night, put inside the trunk of her own car and driven all the way to Oregon. 86-year-old Hazel Abel is finally home safe and Thursday we visited her to see how she is doing. 

Hazel walked us through the whole horrifying night detail by detail. She told us she was just about to watch Monday's episode of Dancing With the Stars when her doorbell rang. On her way to her front door the porch light was out and when she opened the door she got a fist full of dirt in the face. The intruders came into her home, pushed her to the ground, covered her eyes and mouth and one of them sat on her chest.

She tells us, they walked her over to a chair, tied an apron that was hanging in her kitchen, around her head and had her sit there while they asked if she recognized any of their voices. 

At the time, Hazel's biggest concern was her 10-year-old dog, Tessa. She told us, "i was very concerned they were going to leave her in the house or hurt her, but they didn't". 

They put Tessa's dog bed in the trunk of Hazel's car and laid down a quilt for the woman. Hazel told us they had to pick her up and put her in the trunk because her legs are too short to get in. She jokingly told us, "I told them, I'm no spring chicken". 

Hazel and Tessa spent the very long ride to Wood Village, near Portland, in the trunk rolling around as the driver abruptly alternated from the gas pedal to the brake. Hazel told us, "she was real good". The whole time driving, Hazel told us she was worried the car was going to be driven off a cliff and was just hoping for it to run out of gas. 

Finally, the three teenagers stopped at Walmart and Hazel was able to find the latch to unlock the trunk. She waited a few moments and then jumped out, took Tessa and ran up to the outdoor gardening section. Hazel told us, "they unlocked the gates and they took me in to their office and of course I was all wet and then they got me dry clothes and they took me into the office and showed me video of the kids". Her glasses had fallen off in the trunk and she was unable to identify anyone in the videos they were showing her. 

Police then picked her up from Walmart and brought her to the station where they fed her and her dog and finished questioning. Hazel's grandson picked her up and drove her back to Kennewick. 

After being home for a day she is very tired, upset and more importantly confused, "I had never done anything to him".

Hazel told me she last saw her great grandson on Friday when he came by and asked for money, she said he often stops by asking for money but Friday she told him no.