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Skateboarding Assault Victim Beating the Odds Back at Home

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PASCO, Wash. - A young Pasco father and husband is back at home after a horrible incident back in mid-September. Someone yanked Sean McClintock off his skateboard on September 12th. Since then, he's gone from a touch-and-go hospital stay to basically back to normal.

Sean doesn't remember that night, when witnesses say someone honked and then pulled him off his skateboard.

"I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I feel like they weren't out to get me. I don't think," said Sean.

The fall from his board on Road 44 left Sean with a fractured skull. Doctors performed brain surgery on him, his brain swelled, and then they put him in a medically induced coma. Sean spent a total of three weeks ad Kadlec Regional Medical Center, but that whole time is black.

"I wasn't coherent. I mean, I was, but I don't remember. How do I not remember. It's crazy," said Sean. "Then I went to a rehab center, and I was already fine by then. So it was hard for me to put into retrospect what actually happened and what everyone had to go through."

Sean's family showed him the news stories and articles, the only context he has for the nearly 13-inch scar on his head. While he recovered, friends, family and even strangers raised tens of thousands of dollars for the McClintock family.

"It's really touching how much the community has come together for us and done so many great things, helping out with Rian, our daughter, or just the Go Fund Me page. It's just so heart warming," said Alex McClintock, Sean's wife.

After Sean's stay at Kadlec, he spent just a week at St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute in Spokane.

"He didn't have to do any physical therapy because he was walking and talking. At rehab I think they called him a walky talky," said Alex.

Now, he's a 'walky talky' on wheels! He's already gotten back on a dirtbike while on a camping trip. Sean can't drive a car quite yet, he and Alex now have a babysitter for their one-year-old baby girl, but he's his same old good-natured self. 

"I've never been in a confrontation really. I'm a lover not a fighter. That's what I would say," said Sean with a laugh.

His outlook on life, and really this whole situation, is, in a word, admirable.

"I'm glad it was me because I survived and I'm fine. If it was someone else, they might not have handled it the same way. I don't know," said Sean.

Pasco Police are still following leads in this case but they still have no clear suspects. Officers are looking for the driver and at least one passenger of a white sedan that was in the Road 44 the evening of September 12th. If you know anything, call police.