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KPD Arrests Florida Couple With Dozens of Fake Credit Cards Stolen From WA Gas Stations

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KENNEWICK, WA. -- Kennewick Police say they've arrested a couple allegedly involved in a national identity theft ring. 

Tuesday afternoon, we got a look at the stack of evidence police have collected against 27-year-old Gilner Garcia and 25-year-old Yordano Bonachea.

The two, who live in Florida, are accused of stealing credit card information off a gas station credit card skimmer. With that information, they made 60 fake credit cards under their names and allegedly bought more than $35,000 in gift certificates. 

Detective Dan Todd says there's almost no way to know if a gas station credit card reader is a skimmer. 

"Well the skimmers we're dealing with in this scenario, there really isn't a way for regular consumer to know," Detective Todd said. "Because it's actually a pig tail type device with some wiring that's actually installed inside of the gas pump on the back side of the card reader itself. So to the consumer it looks like just a normal gas pump and credit card reader."

Detective Todd says KPD couldn't have caught these two thieves if it wasn't for the awareness of one of the victims who watched his bank statements closely. 

Kennewick Police have contacted the Secret Service who are now investigating the two arrested and others for identity theft in other states. 



KENNEWICK, WA - The Kennewick Police Department said two men from Florida are being charged with multiple counts of identity theft after allegedly using fraudulent credit cards to purchase $35,400 in gift cards.

Police arrested Yordano Bonachea and Gilner Garcia on October 18, 2015 after a call regarding the fraudulent use of a credit card at the Target Store in Kennewick. 

After responding to Target  police found through viewing surveillance video that two men were purchasing gift cards using multiple credit cards one of which belonging to the reporting victim. 

Officers got a description of the vehicle driven by the suspects and found it at a local hotel in Kennewick where they contacted Bonachea and Garcia at their hotel room, and were able to detain them based on probable cause for Identity Theft. 

During a search warrant  of the hotel police recovered over 60 credit cards with the names of Garcia and Bonachea, which were later determined to be fraudulent cards,

Also recovered during the search warrant were several wrapped stacks of gift cards obtained through several merchants. The gift cards were counted and valued at a total of $35,400. 

Other items of evidence were also collected from the hotel room along with airline itineraries indicating that Bonachea and Garcia had flown to Washington State from Florida. Bonachea and Garcia are both Cuban immigrants currently residing in Florida State. 

Through a lengthy investigation, Secret Service was contacted by Kennewick detectives, and it was determined that additional suspects (also Cuban immigrants) had been developed in the Spokane area. 

These suspects had fled the area, but were later identified by authorities, and are believed to also be from Florida.

During that investigation it was determined that several card skimmers had been located inside gas pumps at several gas stations located in the Spokane area. 

Skimmers are devices installed by criminals, and are used to collect credit card information from persons utilizing that particular gas pump. 

One of the skimmers collected in Spokane has been linked to a credit card recovered during the Kennewick investigation. 

This investigation has revealed an elaborate scheme to collect credit card information for the sole purpose of using the funds from those credit card accounts to purchase gift cards, and prepaid cards.

 It is believed that these cards are then taken back to the suspect's home state where the cards are redeemed, and the cash value of those cards is obtained. 

Garcia and Bonachea are currently in custody in the Benton County Jail and are being held on bail. 

If someone has information that they would like to provide while remaining confidential, they may call the Crime Stoppers line at 586-TIPS (8477), 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or visit