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Yakima Networking Advises on How to Avoid Online Scams, Frauds This Holiday Season

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WAKE UP NORTHWEST - If you haven't experienced an online scam, chances are you know someone that has. According to a recent survey by AARP of Washington, 67% of shoppers fail a quiz on popular holiday scams and fraud. 

We sat down with Ethan Wood, manager at Yakima Networking who tells us using reputable sites is the best way to avoid online scams. But what exactly makes a site safe to use?

"You always want to check for the https in the front of it, that means it's secure. It'll also show a little green lock sometimes. If you see that, it's a secure website and you can put your credit card information in," said Wood. 

Now if you do fall victim, check how you paid. As a general rule, you don't want to use your debit card for online purchases. That's direct access to your bank account and those behind the scam can clear you out.

Instead, use a credit card or PayPal account to make online purchases.

Wood also tells us something happening here in our area right now is people getting calls from scammers, who claim they're from Microsoft. The scammers will ask to remotely access the computer because it has a virus. He says the elderly are especially vulnerable to these scams.

Wood advises if you don't know the person, never give them access to your computer. 

"These are all scams. They can't tell if your computer is infected. They just want to get on and get control of your computer and then charge you and many times they'll charge you multiple times," said Wood. 

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