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UPDATE: Yakima First Responders Rescue Five People & Two Dogs Stranded on Islands

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YAKIMA, WA.- Five people and two dogs were stranded out on two different islands near Robertson's Landing in Yakima on Wednesday morning. They told firefighters they went out to the river last night to go camping, but when the group woke up this morning they found the water had risen and the path they originally took to get out there was no longer there.


To make matters worse none of them had cell phones. Firefighters told us someone walking by the river saw the group stranded and called 911.

Fire crews arrived around nine this morning and they were able to get everyone and the animals safely back to shore, but they told us the Yakima River can be extremely dangerous and things could have ended badly.

"The Yakima River is actually a fast moving water and it can take you under fast and it only takes less than a foot of water to take your feet out from under you," Jeff Pfaff with the Yakima Fire Department explained.

There were three men and two woman stranded out on the islands, firefighters say they do believe the people are homeless.

PREVIOUS/YAKIMA, WA - The Yakima Fire Department is responding to Robertson Landing in Yakima, where they just made a river rescue.

Five people were stranded on two different islands with two dogs.

All are now safe on land are not hurt.

The fire department says they went camping Tuesday night out on the river when the water started to rise.

They did not have cell phones so no one knew they were out there until Wednesday morning.

Fire crews say someone walking near the river saw the stranded people and called 911.