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Wind Gusts Cause Major Damage Through Out The Yakima Valley And Could Be the Cause Of A House Fire In Selah

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SELAH, WA.- Last night's wind storm caused everything from fallen trees to downed power lines, but for one women in Selah she lost her home and firefighters are calling it a total loss.  


Diane Koch lost everything Tuesday night, her house in Selah caught fire around 8:30 during the wind storm. The fire destroyed everything and killed her 4 cats. She works for the Emergency Medical Services here in Yakima and was on call when she heard the news.  

"When I saw her earlier this morning she was really trying to put on a brave face, but she was very distraught, and as we talked to her more she broke down and understandably so that's a tragic loss to go through especially with her animals," Brian Paul, her friend and coworker told us.


Her coworkers have already jumped into action collecting food and clothes, they've even set up a Go Fund Me account that's raised more than a $1,000 so far.

"Because of her work and her commitment that is obviously going to be paid forward to her and many of us have already stepped forward with donations and offerings and other support," Paul said.


Sadly Diane's home wasn't the only thing that kept emergency crews busy Tuesday night Yakima Fire Department Information Officer, Jeff Pfaff, told us they had calls flooding in, "A normal day is 25 to 30 alarms, but counting last night through this morning we had 62 alarms."


There were no injuries reported in Yakima Tuesday night, but the fire department still says to be on the look out for damaged trees that could fall.  

"You want to look at the dirt, check out the ground to see if the grass has split or things have moved, that means it's been affected by the winds and you need to have it professionally looked at or taken out," Officer Pfaff said.


As far as Diane's home the Selah Fire Department says they don't know if the wind storm caused the fire, but they'll be investigating all possible angles.


If you'd like to help Diane pick up the pieces and rebuild there's a Go Fund Me account, just click on this link,