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Woman's Car is Totaled After Tree Collapses on It

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PASCO, WA- Melodee Koeper was getting ready to drive over to her sister's house Tuesday afternoon when she decided it was too windy to drive. She went inside and called her sister to cancel plans. 

Koeper tells us, "I walked back in and called her and I said look it's really windy out there, I can't even take my dog out, I'm going to see if it settles down then I'll come and she said okay". Just a few short moments after she hung up the phone she describes hearing a loud sound, "I heard the boom, and I kind of felt the Earth move and I looked out my door". 

When she looked out her door a giant tree was uprooted from the ground and landed on her Scion. Koeper tells us she bought her car just eight months earlier and is sad to see it totaled in her parking lot. She said, "it is really crazy, frustrating". 

The tree left branches and debris everywhere she told us, "the tree was all the way covered the driveway there was no way you could get through". Her maintenance man spent a good amount of time cleaning up the branches and was able to get the tree off her car so insurance could come and tow it away. Koeper is appreciative of her maintenance man and calls him her "rock star". 

He told us he called his friends to have them come cut up the tree and use it for firewood so it can be removed from the property. Now, he is left picking up the pieces and Koeper is left trying to figure out insurance coverage for her car.