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The City of Pasco Looks To Solve Traffic Problems with City-Wide Plan

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The plan will look at every street in the city. The plan will look at every street in the city.

PASCO, WA- The City of Pasco is working on a city-wide plan to help traffic flow better throughout the city as it continues to grow.

After reporting about neighbors near the Pasco intersection Road 60 and Wernett being concerned about accidents, NBC Right Now found out the City of Pasco has plans to improve the city's traffic. 

Growing schools, a new police building, new neighborhoods, and more traffic is all happening in Pasco.  With any growing city, everything needs to keep up.  That is why the city of Pasco is taking action now. 

"We want to be proactive and kind of address those issues. What happens when the main roads are congested, a lot of people cut through the neighborhoods and also there are kids going to school.  We want to holistically look at that and how we can address that systematically," said Ahmad Qayoumi, City of Pasco Public Works Director.

"You don't want to do something here in one location when you receive a complaint, but then you do something different at another location.  We wanted to develop consistency," said Qayoumi.

The plan is called the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program.  Its purpose is to look at how neighborhoods are tied and how traffic flows. The city of Pasco is looking at cities like Vancouver as an example. 

The Tri-City Development Council said the Tri-Cities is growing at double the rate of the state average, growing more than two percent.  That rate is faster than Spokane and Yakima. 

"I would think that some of the population growth is that when people come here, they find work," said Carl Adrian, President and CEO of TRIDEC.

With the complaints from the Road 60 and Wernett neighborhood, the city and the neighbors had a meeting.  Pasco wants the actual people living in the areas to be a major part of this program. 

"They live in their neighborhoods everyday.  They drive through that neighborhood.  They walk their kids to school.  They walk their dogs.  they know what's going on in their neighborhoods," said Qayoumi.

When it comes to Road 60 and Wernett, well the city is looking at putting down white lines on the street or even some stop signs.  The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program is still in the early stages, but the City of Pasco hopes things will start rolling by January.  The next step is to have the Pasco City Council pass it.