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City Crews Spray De-Icer on Local Roads in Preparation for Icy Conditions

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NBC RIGHT NOW, WA. -- With the weather headed this way, all of us need to be extra cautious driving on the roads.

We went out with a de-icing truck in Pasco Tuesday afternoon and saw how crews are already trying to get a leg up on the icy roads. 

"We've got 3 different trucks that we pre-treat different areas with," Chad Boothe said. "And we'll go finish up in the area that I started on earlier."

With the flick of a switch we started laying down a layer of anti-ice, which is a mixture that includes magnesium chloride, or to put it simply:

"It's basically salt," Boothe said. "That's about what it comes down to."

Chad says he watches the local weather forecast very closely, including our very own Tim Adams! 

"Do you guys keep a close eye on Tim's forecast sometimes?" we asked.

"Absolutely!" he responded. 

After crews spread the de-icer around town, they'll head home. But at any time a call could come, bringing them in to work for up to 12 hours to help clear the roads.

"If we have a big storm that we're planning on coming in, I'll plan on going to bed earlier just to get a little rest," Boothe told us. 

Tonight Chad is expecting to get that call. 

"It wouldn't surprise me, yeah," Boothe said. 

Right now they're getting a jump start on the storm. But keep in mind, no matter how much these guys try, there could always be an icy spot, so be careful. 

Chad was planning to make several trips in that truck Tuesday, laying down somewhere between 400 and 600 hundred gallons of de-icer over Pasco.

We talked to every city road department in the Tri-Cities. All of them said they were spraying de-icer Tuesday to help prevent problems tomorrow morning.