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Yakima Memorial Prepares New Dads for Fatherhood Through "Daddy Boot Camp"

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YAKIMA, WA - Becoming a dad for the first time can be a very intimidating experience. That's why Memorial Hospital in Yakima is preparing soon-to-be dads through a program called "Daddy Boot Camp."

The one-day program covers multiple topics including caring for new moms, the importance of teamwork, dad's role, baby care and safety.

During the class, veteran dads get to share the realities of fatherhood with the soon-to-be fathers.

Teresa Posada, Community Health Coordinator at Memorial tells us they aim to answer questions and concerns the rookie fathers may have, in a comfortable space.

"A lot of times dads, they ask what can they do? Or how can they help? And we do a great job of that in our birthing classes but then what happens after the birth? We go over some things that they can do to help support and build that new family dynamic," said Posada. 

We also had a chance to sit down with first-time dad, Dale Meck who went through Daddy Boot Camp prior to the arrival of his baby.

He says his wife actually signed him up for the class, and now he's glad she did. 

"I was really worried that he was just going to be this lump of a baby that I wasn't really going to be interested in. And what was really surprising was that from the very beginning, he was very fun. And that was mostly because I knew what to do," said Meck. 

Meck says soon-to-be dads considering the class should take it because it can help relieve a lot of frustration, although "some frustration is part of the fun."

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