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Yakima Parent Voices Concern Over District's Decision Not To Cancel School

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YAKIMA, WA.- People in the Yakima area only saw about two inches of snow overnight on Wednesday, however it still made driving somewhat tricky this morning.  

Regardless the Yakima School District decided not to cancel school, causing some concern, especially for local parent, Leona Bushman, who told us these roads were just too slippery to be driving on.

Leona woke up to find 2 inches of snow and slush on the roads outside her home, "My son loves the snow, his first reaction was, snow! Which would have been fine if he was staying home," Bushman said, "I expected a late start, in fact I told my husband, because he works nights, to check for the late start, but when he woke up me up at 4:30 there was still no late start for Yakima."


Even with many of the roads in Yakima remaining unplowed, the Yakima School District decided not to cancel or put out delays for any of their schools, something Leona didn't like.

She says while her son was getting on the bus she saw cars slipping on the road, "There were three or four cars that got backed up while she was buckling him in, and one car was revving their engine and spinning their wheels, and I don't think he was trying to be dumb, he was trying to stop his car from sliding into the others."


The district says they had their transportation director out early checking bus routes and speaking with other districts. Yakima wasn't the only who thought the roads were drivable, Naches, Selah, West Valley, and Union Gap are just a few other schools who didn't see a problem with the weather.


Also many of our viewers on our facebook page chimed in agreeing with the district, saying the roads were slick, but definitely drivable.


Regardless Leona says she hopes the district will take more precautions for the next winter storm, "You don't even have to be a bad driver to go off the road here, and the kids will end up being the ones that could get hurt the most."

We could see more freezing rain overnight, so be sure to look for school closures and delays tomorrow morning.