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Dietitian Shares Advice to Stay on Track with Fitness Goals During Holiday Season

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WAKE UP NORTHWEST - It can definitely be tough to stay active this time of year and very easy to overindulge.

Mayra Nuñez, Dietitian at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic tells us many patients come to her, asking how they can avoid putting on those extra pounds.

She says starting the day strong with exercise is key. You want to get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. Also, drinking water before meals can help you stay on track.

Most importantly, set realistic goals. 

"Go more for the lifestyle changes, instead of going drastic. I call that a fad diet, which will work in that short term. But after they finish that diet, usually the weight will pile back on," said Nuñez. 

And to avoid slip and falls this time of year, Nuñez tells her patients to stay active by using exercise videos at home.

She also acknowledges the extra stress that you can experience if you're doing the hosting. 

Nuñez says chewing gum while you prepare your feast can distract you from eating the food as you're making it. Also, don't keep all the leftovers.    

"If people bring food to your home, at the end of the night, make sure you give it all away. That way you don't have it there at home and you won't be eating it the whole week, that's another way we can help ease the calorie intake," said Nuñez. 

She adds, don't wear your stretchy pants to dinner. Instead, dress up. That can help you stay a little more aware of how much you're eating throughout the night.