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UPDATED: Amber Alert Helps Find Young Girls Safely After Stolen Car is Located in Pasco

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The two girls were found safe and unharmed. The two girls were found safe and unharmed.

PASCO, WA. -- A mother is counting her blessings Tuesday, now that her 3-year-old and 1-year-old daughters are back in her arms. It all started when her car was stolen with the kids inside. 

You probably got the Amber Alert on your phone Monday night. That loud ringing alert can be annoying to some, but that alert also saved two kids who were accidentally caught in the middle of a car theft and found at the Wendy's on Court Street in Pasco.

It was around 7 o'clock Monday night when Edith Galeana got a knock on her door. 

"And so we opened and she came, really startled, she was like crying and she said, 'hey have you guys heard anything or seen anything? my car just got stolen with my kids in it.'" Galeana said. 

On her front step was the 20-year-old mother of two girls and she was frantic. She explained to Edith that she went upstairs for a moment to grab something from her cousin's apartment.

"I was worried for her kids and I was thinking, 'gosh, who would do that?'" Galeana told NBC Right Now. "She just ran up the stairs for a quick moment to grab something, I don't know like her wallet or something, and when she came back down, the car was gone with her kids."

The good news is, the car didn't get far. 

"Well the vehicle was parked right here where this Kia Soul is right here," Sgt. Pruneda with the Pasco Police Department said. 

Less than a mile away, about an hour and a half after it was stolen, officers recovered the car, still running, with both baby girls sitting inside. 

"The one year old was sleeping in her car seat and the three year old was just looking up at us, just buckled up still and we could tell that they were not harmed," Sgt. Pruneda said. 

Officers give all the credit to a good Samaritan who noticed the car, all thanks to the Amber Alert. 

"The Amber Alert came out at 8:11 and at 8:12, a minute later, we received a phone call from somebody that was here at Wendy's and he noticed the Amber Alert on his cell phone and he realized that he was parked right next to the car that was on the Amber Alert," Sgt. Pruneda said. 

It was a scary situation, especially for Edith and the young mother, who will definitely learn a lesson from this. 

"It was definitely an eye opener too," Galeana said. "You know don't leave your car running because, I mean not that it happens a lot here, but you know you never know I guess."

Some of our Facebook viewers have asked why it took so long after the car theft, over an hour, to get out the Amber Alert. Pasco Police told me that Washington State Patrol runs the Amber Alert system.

Pasco Police called WSP less than 10 minutes after getting the call but it can take time to get out the specifics into the Amber Alert system before that alert went out.

Investigators are looking into who stole the car, if you have any info, please call Pasco Police if you have any info. 



PASCO, WA- Just before 7 p.m. Pasco Police reported a gray Honda Civic was stolen with a one and two-year-old inside. 

A gray Honda Civic was left running on West Jay Street with two young girls inside while the mother went back inside her apartment for a couple of minutes.  When the mother returned, the car was then stolen with the girls still inside.

An NBC Right Now Push Alert was sent out along with an Amber Alert.  Just after 8 p.m. police got word the car was found in the Wendy's parking lot on  Court Street.  

One minute after an Amber Alert was sent out the car was found.

"The person here at the Wendy's was getting some dinner and he noticed that same vehicle on the amber alert was right next to his parked vehicle.  He looked at the license plate, which was an Arizona plate, and he called us right away," said Sgt. Rigo Pruneda, with the Pasco Police Department. 

Both the girls were still in the car and unharmed.  Officers are still looking for a suspect.