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City of Richland Makes Revisions to a Major Intersection

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RICHLAND, WA- The Queensgate and Duportail intersection in Richland is a very popular area with high traffic. The city of Richland is working to make the traffic flow better. 

We talked with the Transportation and Development Manager, Jeff Peters, and he told us the two biggest factors that play into the intersection's busy traffic is the growth in retail as well as the residential property growth. 

In the last month, to help ease the traffic build up, they added an addition left turn lane on either side of Queensgate turning onto Duportail. While they've added extra signs, painted new stripes and arrows to the road, and put up signs up at the traffic lights, they've already noticed more accidents with the road revisions. 

When we talked to Peters he told us, "it is, it's a lot of it's just habit people it's been like that for so long that people just don't think about it when you drive up there often you'll see people stacked up in the one left turn lane and the other lane wide open still so it'll just take a while for people to get used to". 

To continue their efforts towards improving the traffic flow in that area, they are also adding a northbound left lane turn onto the on ramp that goes towards Yakima. As of now there isn't one there but when they repave that area this summer, that will be added.