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West Valley man makes second hole-in-one

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YAKIMA, WA - Erik Miller loves to play golf. If he is not playing at the country club you can catch him brushing up on his swing at the driving range. He has been playing since he was a teenager and plays at least once a week, but that was all he needed to accomplish something that most people never will. A second hole-in-one.
"I have come close lots of times but a lot of it is just luck, the ball landing in the right spot, the wind blowing the right way," said Miller 

The Golf Digest reports that the average golfer will never achieve a hole-in-one in there entire career. The odds of an amateur hitting a single hole-in-in one is 1 in 120,750. 

It all happened on Monday at the Yakima Country Club. Miller, a single digit handicap level player, was on his third par. He hit the ball with his 9 iron and something unexpected happened. He made the 11th hole.

"When it happened I kind of looked around, threw my club up in the air and celebrated quietly," said Miller. 

Even though it was a special moment he says his first will always be the most memorable because it took him the most time to accomplish. He made his first hole-in-one back in 2012 at a course in Winthrop, Washington. He made the second hole on the third par.

"The first one I think is definitely the best, but the second one still proves that you can do it," said Miller. 

Miller says that even though all of his days at the golf course are not the best it is the the exceptional shots, like this one, that keep him coming back. And even with this accomplishment he will continue to swing his club and play long hours of his favorite sport.