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Two luring incidents happen in one week, local police share tips on how you can protect your kids

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Yakima, WA - Within the last week, there have been at least two reports of child luring attempts near local schools.  One in Walla Walla and one in Sunnyside.  In both situations, the student was able to get away, but police are still looking for suspects.  Local police departments want parents to be aware of the potential dangers children face and are sharing tips on how to help avoid being a target for predators.

Yakima Police Department says communication is key, remembering to talk to your kids before and after school can make all the difference each day. By paying attention for any unusual stories, and reporting them to the school right away you can help make a difference.  Another tip YPD say is good to do is to, change up your routine.  Walk your kids to school sometimes, or have your kids walk a different route every so often, by changing up the routine you help throw off potential lurkers.

"I always tell kids if they see something suspicious write down the plate of the vehicle, do not take any chances, move to a populated area quickly and safely, do not to try and talk to the person and ask and answer questions, the opportunistic predator is really looking for that," said Officer Gary Garza, School Resource Officer with Yakima PD.

Another important tip, make sure your child is always vigilant of their surroundings, and not distracted while walking to and from school, or even if they're just standing outside the school waiting to be picked up.

Every school in the Yakima School District has a School Resource Officer assigned to ensure safety on and around school property around the clock.  The School Resource Officer is available to discuss other ways to educate your kids, all you have to do is ask your child's school.