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Severe flooding causes damage for homeowners and closes several roads in the Yakima Valley

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YAKIMA, WA.- The Yakima Valley saw heavy rains overnight on Sunday that led to more flooding, but it may not be over yet. The National Weather Service says another storm is headed our way on Wednesday.

We checked out the aftermath of the flooding on Monday and found homeowners out repairing driveways, and other damaged property.

"It came within two feet of my porch," David Elliot, a homeowner along Cottonwood Canyon Road said, "If you look out into that field you can it was just a wall of water."  


Elliot said water, more than a foot high, rushed through his yard and dozens of other properties wiping out fences, driveways, mailboxes, even leaving families stranded in their homes.

"I heard the creek raging and came outside to find I didn't have a driveway anymore," Elliot said.  

Elliot's next door neighbor, Dennis Pretz, lost his fence during the flooding; it knocked out several 100 pound wooden beams.

"It actually washed this beam right out of the ground," Pretz said, "That was pretty impressive since I had it down in the ground about 3 feet."


However homeowners are trying to remain optimistic, even with a uncertain forecast looming in the coming days.

"We gotta fix the damage that's done already and hope it doesn't happen again," Pretz said.


The National Weather Service is saying more flooding due to heavy rains is expected on Wednesday.


That means you should stock up on water, food, even sand bags if you live in an area that could be affected.

The City of Yakima is also doing their part to prepare after flooding closed down 40th Avenue and Powerhouse, 80th Avenue and West Nob Hill Blvd. and South 3rd Avenue and Autanum Road on Sunday morning.

Streets and Traffic Manager, Joe Roselund, told us if the city does see more flooding people need to be responsible and obey traffic signs.

"We will let people through to their property if it's being damaged or could be damaged to check on it, but we did have people driving through those road closed signs and we want them to obey those, because they are there for their safety," Roselund said.  

Regardless of the impending weather some are still hopeful the forecast is wrong and the rain will stay away.

"Oh, absolutely I hope it stays away," Pretz told us, "Last night it started to rain again, and I was honestly scared to go to sleep and wake up to see what I'd find."