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UPDATE: Department of Fish and Wildlife responds to "fowl" mess at local Yakima parks

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YAKIMA, WA.- As the weather warms up and you head out for a nice spring walk be careful where you step. Turns out there's a fowl mess! That's right, geese and ducks have returned and after several people complained about the messes the birds are leaving behind, we went out to see just how bad it really the problem gets.   

Just take a stroll through Randal Park in Yakima and it won't be long before you find on geese and duck droppings.  

"If you go off the path you end up in a lot of goose poop," resident and frequent park visitor , Jennifer Sutton said.    

According to residents we spoke with it's not even the worst time of the year yet. They say the problem mixed with the summer heat makes it unbearable to walk in some of our local parks.

"The smell and heat just gets a lot more intensified in the summer," local resident Sandra St. Mary said, "They are beautiful birds and I enjoy watching them fly, but the smell; there are just too many of them."

While Yakima's Parks and Recreation Department did tell us it's a problem that's gotten worse over time there's not much they can do. They even say they've passed the issue along to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

We reached out to them and they explained that many parks, like Randal park, deal with both wild and domestic geese and ducks. The Department of Fish and Wildlife handles the wild geese, but many people who own ducks let them go at local parks. Fish and Wildlife says those "domestic" birds then become city and county responsibility. 

"The problem is that people are leaving these ducks there," Department of Fish and Wildlife Manager, Richard Mann explained, "So we either have to remove them all or you have to minimize numbers, so we have to talk to the public about them dropping ducks off at the park that they no longer want; it's really an education thing." 

However Fish and Wildlife, along with many residents, believe it comes down to too many people feeding the geese and ducks.

"They all congregate for the food," Sutton said, "People are feeding the ducks and geese, so I don't know if there is anything that can be done."   

When it comes down to it though it's really a battle with mother nature, St. Mary says, "Just like I think the Department of Wildlife would agree, this is a problem, but what are we going to do it's their home."