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UPDATE: Puppy Left for Dead in Pasco Trash Can With Neck, Mouth Duct Taped

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UPDATE- Dr. Blair de Vries with the Pet Medical Center in Pasco says after the weekend the chihuahua is doing much better. When they first started to care for the puppy left in the trash can, she was dehydrated and had a double eye infection. 

After the weekend, her eyes are better although the doctor tells us vision in her left eye is not great. The puppy is also finally responsive, walking and even wagging her tail. She was on fluid for a few days but has improved to eating food and drinking water on her own. 

The puppy is just 5 months old and while she has made a lot of progress Dr. de Vries said, "when they're this young too and when you're seeing what they have to go through you know when they're coming in that bad of shape there's a lot there's a huge step she has to get to to fully recovered again. She still has a little ways to go, she's already got herself through the really critical time she's stable now". 


PASCO, WA. -- A worker at a car wash in Pasco found something shocking in one of the trash cans. It was an abandoned pet and it was clinging to life. 

When a worker at this self service car wash in Pasco looked inside one of the trash can Wednesday morning, they found something that didn't belong; a tiny puppy, cold and not moving. 

"They had taken duct tape and wrapped tightly around the neck," Angela Zilar from the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter said. "Then they took plastic garbage bags and wrapped it around the neck and tied it in knots. Then duct tapped that again so the dog couldn't get it out of it."

The puppy was rushed to the pet medical center.

She's still there today. Still in bad shape and shivering. But doing much better than Wednesday. 

"Time is basically going to tell us if she's going to make a full recovery or not," Dr. Blair de Vries said. "Right now, with how well she's been doing, it's looking very optimistic."

Doctors hope the still unnamed 5-month-old chihuahua puppy can make a full recovery and someday find a loving home. The question is, who would leave this innocent, defenseless little dog to die in a trash can? 

"It makes me very angry," Zilar said. "This is just uncalled for. There is no need that somebody should do something like this it just makes no sense whatsoever."

Without any security camera video, investigators aren't left with much to find out who did this. 

"If we can find out who did something like this of course we need to know that kind of thing and prosecute them to the fullest extent," Zilar said.