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UPDATE: Fred Meyer gas mix-up leaves approximately 100 vehicles damaged

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YAKIMA, WA.- Last week more than a hundred cars were damaged, even totaled, because diesel fuel was accidentally pumped into unleaded gasoline tanks at Fred Meyer in Yakima.  

On Tuesday we found out a company in Minnesota, CHS Transportation is taking the blame.

They explained to us what happened in a statement they released. They said on March 17th one of their employees who traveled here to Yakima mixed up the diesel gas with the unleaded.


About an hour passed and more than 100 transactions were made before the mix up was reported by customers.  


CHS says after they learned of error they replaced all of the mixed up fuel with new fuel.


They are working with Fred Meyer to help anyone affected. They say they're helping with towing costs for broken down cars and working with several auto body shops to repair any damaged cars.      


YAKIMA, WA - A gas mix-up yesterday, at the Fred Meyer in Yakima, left a lot of cars immobilized and a lot of people pointing fingers. Ryan Cheney, store director said it all happened late yesterday evening between the hours of 4:30 and 6 p.m. One of their gas suppliers accidentally put the unleaded fuel where the diesel fuels goes and vice versa. Approximately 100 people unknowingly pumped the wrong gas into their vehicle at the stores gas station.

Lee Mills was one of the many people who were affected by the gas mix-up. As a result his van, vital to his job, will not stay on and puffs of white smoke come out of the exhaust pipe. 

"We looked at it and started questioning that it was a fuel issue," Said Mills "It seemed like a fuel issue. We contacted Fred Meyer out of curiosity and they said yup, they had a problem."

A problem that Cheney is now trying to fix.

"It was not Fred Meyer's fault," said Cheney. "We want to make sure that the customers are taken care of and that we can get their problem addressed, whether it be their car or transportation or work."

For Mills it is not about the damage caused to his van so much as it is about being able to do his job. Mills drives his van from Yakima to Walla Walla on a daily basis to transport blood samples for the Veterans Administration. Mills had to pay $600 to rent a van from u-haul so he could do his job. He hopes he can resolve his problem soon and wishes that Fred Meyer would have handled the situation with more compassion.