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Franklin County Coroner releases estimated budget for inquest

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PASCO, WA - Franklin County Coroner Dan Blasdel has released the estimated budget for the Zambrano-Montes inquest at Columbia Basin College set to start May 23rd.

Here is the breakdown from the press release:

- Juror Fees: 25 miles avg: x $0.545 x 60, prospective jurors for one day = $810.00
                       25 miles avg: X $0.545 x 7, jurors x 10 days = $953.75

- Per Diem: 60 prospective jurors x $10.00 per day = $600.00
                    6 seated jurors and 1 alternate x $10.00 per day x 9 days= $630.00
                    Total Jury costs = $2,993.00

- Subpoena Service @ $45.00 each x 100 = Total $4,500.00
- Forensic Pathologist testimony = $2,500.00
- Bailiff = $1490.00   
- Facilitator to help media and public inside courtroom = $1490.00  
- Special Deputy Coroner to present case to Jurors = $600.00
- Office Supplies for Jurors = $100.00
- Use Of Columbia Basin College = $0.00
- Armed Security 4 @$35.00 hr per Officer: 160 hrs = $5,850.00 
- Extra help to cover coroner calls = $600.00
- Contingency = $5,000.00

Total = $25,123.00


Previous Coverage:

PASCO, WA. -- On Monday, Franklin County Coroner Dan Blasdel announced a location and date for the coroner's inquest into the Antonio Zambrano Pasco Police shooting, caught on cell phone video last February.

Coroner Blasdel let out a sigh of relief Monday, finally having a location and date for the inquest. Columbia Basin Community College told Blasdel they would host the inquest free of charge. 

Blasdel says the proceeding will be held in the Bryon Gjerde Center, also know as the H Building, and is scheduled to last the entire week of May 23rd. Blasdel met with Franklin County Superior Judges and both sides determined the only courtroom available was too small to hold the inquest. 

To remind our viewers, an inquest is a 7-person jury who are presented the witnesses and the facts of the case and can make recommendations to the prosecutor, the Pasco Police Department or anyone else involved. 

We sat down with Blasdel Monday afternoon. He says he's more than ready to get this long overdue inquest started. 

"It's been a long road, Blasdel said. "But it feels good. I'm anxious to get started and get it over with."

You may remember, Prosecutor Shawn Sant decided not to charge the three officers involved in the shooting. This inquest doesn't have the power to change that decision, they can only make a recommendation to the prosecutor's office. 

Prosecutor Sant declined to participate in the inquest. Columbia County Prosecutor and Coroner, Rea Culwell, has agreed to take his role in presenting the case. 

Coroner Blasdel didn't have an estimated cost for the proceeding. He will have to hire security, but with CBC donating the space that will save him some money in the budget.



PASCO, WA - Franklin County Coroner Dan Blasdel says Columbia Basin College will host the inquest into the Pasco Police shooting of Antonio Zambrano in late May.

Coroner Blasdel says CBC has donated the entire cost of using their facilities. The inquest will be the week of May 23rd.

He also says the Franklin County Courthouse does not have a big enough room for the community and media to watch the inquest.

"The public has a right to observe the process and we have the responsibility for providing a safe venue for the fact finding process," Blasdel said in a release.

The Franklin County Coroner's Office will hire Phoenix Security to make sure security is in place. It will include using a wand to screen everyone that enters the room and there will be a bag and purse check.

They recommend people bring as little as possible, and not carry a bag, to facilitate a quicker screening process.