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High school student with Cerebral Palsy needs your help to achieve his dreams

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IRRIGON, OR. -- A local high school student needs your help to discover his dreams. His amazing determination and positive attitude has got him this far and it's even rubbing off on his teachers lives.

Cerebral Palsy hasn't stopped Adan Guardardo's spirit. 

"He's got a wicked sense of humor," Mark Rouska said with a smile. "When I first met him my first day, he locked me in the bathroom over there. I had to go to the restroom and he parked this big thing right up against the door and I thought maybe the door was stuck. He was on the other side just laughing."

This young man's attitude is remarkably upbeat, dealing with uncontrollable, painful muscle spasms. Living life as a prisoner in a body that doesn't communicate with his mind. And he's had to overcome much more than that.

"He was born in El Salvador, and unfortunately, you going to be OK when I talk about this?" Mark asked Adan. "Alright. His mom didn't want him and we've heard a couple different stories but basically she dumped him off."

Adan's found a caretaker in his grandmother in Irrigon to raise him. Now he is facing a new challenge. One that can stop him in his tracks without warning. His chair is dying, a by-product of time and lots of miles. 

"We might be going for a walk outside and it'll just die and we'll have to come in and push it," Mark told us. "So it limits him in his access to mobility and freedom."

Adan has a dream of going to Blue Mountain Community College and eventually get a job fixing computers. The problem is, he can't do those things in this chair. So he's asking for your help to raise the $18,000 needed for a new one. 

"I want to make money for my skill for fixing computers," Adan said through an iPad app that allows him to communicate. "Now I know how to fix technology, also I am very happy with people helping with my wheelchair."

When asked about Mark's impact on his life, this is what Adan told us. 

"I feel good with my teacher."

But Mark would say he's learned more from Adan than Adan's ever has from him. About 2 years ago, Mark was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer that's since spread to his lymph nodes. 

It's Adan and his determination that's inspired Mark to fight every day he can.

"For me the door of life is closing, but I can't stop it, it's part of nature and time," Mark said. "But for him, the door of life is cracked. and a new chair would just blow that door wide open and he could show the world what he's capable of. He just needs a little bit of help to get there."

Mark's dying wish, is simply to help Adan live his to the fullest. 

So far, Adan has raised over $6,000 of his $18,000 goal. If he doesn't raise the money by May, Adan says all the money raised will be returned to the people who donated. 

To find a link to this GoFundMe page, just click here: https://www.gofundme.com/3zmthuuc