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UPDATE: Teen girl involved in kidnapping of 86-year-old Kennewick woman trial ends

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UPDATE- Friday, April 1, after an almost two day recess, the judge announced to the courtroom that he finds 14-year-old Katelyn Kenfield guilty of all charges. 

Kenfield is being tried as a juvenile and the charges include, residential burglary, second degree theft of a motor vehicle and kidnapping of the first degree. 

The Benton County Deputy Prosecutor Andrew Howell told us after the trial, "the state is requesting manifest injustice upward which allows us to ask for more time than what would be the standard range for kidnapping in the first degree 103-126 weeks we are going to ask that the court impose a time greater than that". 

As for residential burglary and theft of a motor vehicle they are local sanctions which means Kenfield could serve anywhere from zero to 30 days for each. 


PREVIOUS COVERAGE- The third day of trial for Katelyn Kenfield included hearing from five witnesses on the defense side, hearing closing statements from both the state and defense and the judge asking for a two day recess. 

When each witness took the stand today they were asked to speak on the relationship between Kenfield and her ex-boyfriend, and other teen involved in the kidnapping, Billy Underwood. Throughout the trial the defense's main argument focuses on the unhealthy relationship between Kenfield and Underwood and claiming Underwood abused Kenfield. 

Some of the witnesses who took the stand today were, Dr. Frank Ochberg, PTSD and Battered Wives Syndrome specialist, Shannon Kenfield, Katelyn's mother and Benton County Detective Scott Runge. 

The trial will resume Friday at 1:30 in the afternoon. 


KENNEWICK, WA- The trial for one of the teens allegedly involved in the kidnapping of the 86-year-old Kennewick woman started Monday, March 29. 14-year-old Katelyn Kenfield appeared in court and witnesses were split up into morning and afternoon sessions.

Two detectives took to the stand to testify. The first to testify was Multnomah County Detective Rian Hakala. He was the first to spot the three teens after they were identified in the Walmart video surveillance footage after the 86-year-old escaped her trunk. Hakala said, "as I passed them I noticed the big C.A. on Dyllan's sweatshirt and I looked at the photos provided by Walmart and noticed the gray Adidas sweatshirt on Billy and Katelyn had a black and white plaid hoodie zip up type shirt". Patrol cars transported the three to the sheriff's office. 

Hakala was the one to interview Kenfield and she was the first of the three teens to be interviewed. He said, "I questioned her about how she had been in the car for approximately four hours with them and that I didn't think she didn't know there wasn't an elderly woman and a dog in the car and I told her she needed to be honest with us and we were going to start back over from the beginning". He continued to say on the stand that she changed her story numerous times as he continued to interview her back in November.  

Hakala went over the different versions of Kenfield's story and finally said, "I went over the plan, I said so the plan was to go over to Abel's house, knock out Abel, put her in the trunk, steal the car and drop Abel off somewhere in Portland. I said was that the plan prior to going over there that night? And she said yeah". 

After Hakala, Benton County Detective Scott Runge took the stand. He was the lead detective on the case and the first one inside Hazel Abel's home the morning after the incident. When the defense attorney asked for Runge to clarify if any of the items matched Kenfield's DNA he responded, "I promise I'm not trying to be difficult Mr. Johnson, I believe you're correct but there was one lab report regarding glass smoking devices, I honestly can't remember. I just can't off the top of my head". The defense attorney continued by asking if during the trial at the moment he believes none of the items matched and he agreed, none of the fingerprints taken and sent out matched those of Kenfield. 

After the afternoon break, when the trial continued, the next witness called was Billy Underwood's mother. Underwood is one of the other teens involved in the case and is also Kenfield's ex boyfriend. Underwood is being tried as an adult, unlike Kenfield, although they both remain in juvenile hall together. Throughout the trial, the defense team calls their relationship unhealthy and accuses Underwood of being abusive to Kenfield. Underwood's mom replied, "she abused my son, my son came upstairs with scratch marks on his rib cage and a bite mark,  more than once I don't remember the dates". 

The defense attorney objected her statement and said, "the state gave me a synopsis of what the witness was going to say and this additional information is no where in that synopsis, I suggest we perhaps discovery motion violation outside the presence of the witness because she's testifying things we had no notice of until this point". The court did take a recess so they could assess the situation, although a couple minutes later Underwood's mom, Kandi Jaramillo did take the stand again and finished her testimony. 

The trial will pick back up Wednesday, March 30. 

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