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Do not be fooled by scammers on April Fools

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YAKIMA, WA - This April fools, don't be fooled by scammers. The Yakima Police Department and other law enforcement in the state of Washington released a joint statement about scammers that are targeting people in the state. Officials state that when the scammers call they usually identify themselves as a federal officer and then tell people to "wire" a settlement to them or risk being arrested. 

Mike Bastinelli, PIO for the Yakima Police Department said that they have gotten multiple reports of these scams in Yakima and that last week alone they had over a dozen reports of scammers posing as the Department of Justice.   

Bastinelli said that there is a simple solution for anyone who gets a call from a scammer. 

"If anybody calls you and tells you you are behind on your taxis hang-up," said Bastinelli. "If anybody calls saying they are from the department of justice, the US marshals and you failed to report to jury duty and you need to pay a fine, hang-up."      

There have been reports of this type of scam throughout the entire state and there have been different versions of it, with people posing as; the FBI, US Marshal Service, IRS and other federal agencies. Law enforcement believes that the increase could have something to do with the tax season.

It is important to know that federal agencies do not call or email people threatening them for money. If anyone does receive a call from a scammer it is recommended that they report the call to local law enforcement.