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LIVING GREEN: U.S. Linen & Uniform in Richland committed to protecting our environment

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RICHLAND, WA - All month long on NBC Right Now, we're living green. We had a chance to visit a business that has been recognized locally and nationally for their Eco-friendly efforts.

Rick Snyder, owner of U.S. Linen & Uniform says they deal with a lot of waste. That's waste from over 3,000 customers to be exact. They own and rent out linens and uniforms to hundreds of businesses in the area and when those towels and garments need to be cleaned, they end up at their facility in Richland. And the cleaning process is quite the production.

By investing in the latest waste water treatment technology, they manage to cut water usage by about 12 million gallons a year. 

And by taking the water that would have gone down the drain before and preheating it, hey manage to save on natural gas too. 

"So that means we don't have to heat it nearly as much as we did before," said Snyder. 

Their commitment to mother earth isn't being overlooked. They've been recognized by the City of Richland and the Textile Rental Services Association. So why make this commitment? Snyder says it's about sustaining a business that he hopes to keep in the family for generations to come... 

"His father before that started a laundry in Walla Walla in 1901 so we've been in the laundry industry for 115 years now," said Snyder.