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Living Green: Recycling your used cooking oil at Waste Management

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KENNEWICK, WA- When you think about recycling, plastic, paper or glass might come to mind. What about recycling your used cooking oil? 

We visited the Waste Management Transit Station off of 27th and Ely where they have a drop off location for used cooking oil. We talked with Recycling Education Representative, Vaughn Roadruck and he tells us, "residents can bring their used cooking oil in one gallon containers like a milk jug and place it on the pallet here so we collect everything every day and we work with a third party to come and recycle that". 

Roadruck also told us, they're collecting about ten gallons of used cooking oil as of now but hope it increases as more people find out about their program. He says along with helping the environment by not allowing it to go into water systems, "it's definitely better than putting it down the drain where it can clog up the plumbing". 

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