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People upset that restrooms at Gardner Park are closed

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YAKIMA, WA - People who frequent Gardner Park are upset that they cannot access the public restrooms there. James Turner is one of those people, he lives near the park and has been coming to Gardner for years. He said that it has been a long time since he has seen the restrooms at the park open.  

"The last time I saw them open was about two and a half years ago," said Turner "All they do when a function is happening out her is somewhere in this park they put one porta potty, how is that going to help anybody." 

Johnny Chatman constantly visits the park along with his granddaughter. He agrees with Turner and said that not having the restrooms available creates a nuisance for him and the public.

"Sometimes my granddaughter might have to go to the bathroom, I have to run to a neighbor or run to the gas station when we are at the park and it should be open," said Chatman. 

Jenise Sanders, Parks Administration Secretary said that the restrooms are only closed between mid October and April 15th. She said that they are closed during this time is because the restrooms are not heated and the pipes freeze. Turner and Chatman both said the restrooms are not the only problem at the park and that the playground among other things need more attention. 

"Maybe paint it or actually take it out or redo it like they are doing at all the other parks," said Turner. "It needs to be seriously updated, it is losing its color, it is losing its style," said Turner. 

Sanders says that the park is on a list of capital improvements, she adds that over the next couple of years the parking lot at the park along with the playground will be updated.