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Yakima mental health facility not closing or partially shutting down

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YAKIMA, WA - Monday there were reports that the mental health facility in Yakima on the 1500 block of Pacific avenue, was ordered to be partially shutdown by a judge  because it posed a risk to patients. President and CEO of Comprehensive Mental Health, Rick Weaver said the facility is not closed and is open and operating.

Weaver said that it all started as a lawsuit between various parties and the state of Washington, which they are not involved in. The parties in the lawsuit wanted the mental health facility to take extra precautions so that patients would not harm themselves. The facility must now make adjustments to a stairwell, enclosing it, and remove a grate from a window. Weaver said despite, what others may think the facility received positive feedback from the judge. 

"The judge did not say that we were in the danger to people in fact the judge said that there was no evidence that we could not do a great job here and she would be are biggest supporter if we did," said Weaver. 

Parts of the building may are closed, but certain parts of the facility have limited access since adjustments are being made. The facility is currently housing 8 patients and has a capacity of 24. While the improvements are being made they cannot operate to full capacity.

Weaver said that one of the biggest misconceptions is that the facility is a jail, but it is not. The mental health facility works on restoring patients who are not mentally fit to stand trial, if they cannot restore them, then they are evaluated and sent somewhere else where they can be treated.