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Arms dealer sees increase in firearm sales over the last couple of months

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UNION GAP, WA -  Three murders over the weekend in Yakima have a lot of people concerned about their safety. In lieu of the homicides Some people are paying a visit to their local arms dealer. Chuck Tveter owns Hammers Gun Shop in Union Gap, he has sold firearms for over a year now and has seen an increase in sales and traffic in his shop the last couple of months.

"It has been a steady increase for the last probably five months, it is starting to increase now," said Tveter 

Tveter said that he sees a high amount of women and elderly come to his gun shop. He said that 40% of his clients are women and like many others they purchase guns for protection since they do not feel safe. He adds that what has been happening lately in town does not help. 

"Some of these last deals were people go to work and are getting killed and I think they are worried for themselves," said Tveter. "They do not want to be a victim."

This is the same reason why Tveter carries a concealed weapon 

"I do not carry it to intimidate anybody, I only carry it because I do not want to die at this age," said Tveter. 

This weekend there were three homicides, two in Yakima and one in Union Gap. The year is only four months in and already the number of homicides this year has surpassed last year's. Two of the victims and one of the suspects had criminal records that stated they had been arrested this year or last year for possessing a gun unlawfully. Tveter recommends that people keep there guns safe to keep them out of the wrong hands.

"You do need to have safes this state has a deal where you do not have to pay sales tax on gun safes," said Tveter. "You are responsible as a gun owner to protect not only yourself but to secure your weapon." 

Tveter said that guns are tools and should be seen as such. He also adds that people should educate themselves about these tools to remove any negative bias or fears they may have about firearms.