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Ways you can watch out for dangerous river waters

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Naches River water on 4/20/16 Naches River water on 4/20/16

Yakima County, WA - A flood advisory is in place for the Naches River in Yakima County.  The advisory is set to last through the weekend and with the potential of these rising waters comes a warning from local firefighters.  The warmer temperatures are getting people outside, but be careful of the dangers near rivers.

The most important thing to do down by the river, fire fighters say is pay attention to the color of the water.  If the water is a murky color and moving fast, those are signs of dangerous conditions.

"You're seeing that darker colored water and that means there's a lot of volume coming through it's real easy to stick your foot in and all the sudden you're in the water and so we get a lot of potential drownings with that at this time of year, if you want to go near it right now with these flooding conditions, it's going to try to get outside of those boundaries its normally within, so an area you can usually go to may not be accessible or it could rise rapidly," said Captain Jeff Pfaff with Yakima Fire Department.

Even though it feels like Summer weather, we are still in the Spring season, coming out of Winter so there is snow melt and it carries a lot of tree branches and debris, so if you see debris floating on top of the water, that means most likely there is bigger pieces of debris below the surface, reminds Pfaff, and getting into any of the local river waters is not a good idea.

"The temperatures of these waters are still in the 40's and hypothermia sets in really fast," said Pfaff.

Pfaff says even hiking trails near rising waters can be a threat so always be aware of your surroundings, and know quick ways to get away from the danger.