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UPDATE: Dog gets shot in chest in Benton County, recovering

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4/28 UPDATE: Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue has an update on the German Shepherd, Toby who was shot last Friday.

They say he has showed some improvements as he is beginning to walk on his own and was able to pee on his own for the first time Wednesday.

Toby is still at WSU and might be able to return to his foster home Thursday.

People Mikey's Chance are not yet certain of his long term prognosis but he is going to need close monitoring in the coming weeks.


UPDATE: One-year-old German Shepherd Hound mix, Toby, is in stable condition after he was shot in the chest Friday morning in his backyard in Badger Canyon.

Toby's foster family and friends are still emotional, but he is in much better shape.  He is no longer bleeding inside his chest, but his blood count is still low. 

Right now it looks as if surgery will not be done to take the bullet out. Surgeons at WSU said the bullet is too close to main arteries and blood vessels, making it more dangerous.

Toby's foster family wants answers and for Toby to heal.

"Frustrated, stressed, sad, why? Why is an animal not safe in your own yard, a fenced yard?  The kind of dog that Toby is, he's made to protect and make you feel secure," said Keri Reagan, Toby's Foster Mom.

"He's never going to be normal Toby again.  Sadly, he loved running with his foster family.  They run up to three miles a day.  He's never going to be able to run again," said Andrea Moreno, President of Mikey's Chance.

The Benton County Sheriff's Office is still investigating the incident and are looking for a suspect.  The consequences will differ according to the situation.  If it is indeed animal cruelty, that person could face fines, counseling, or not be allowed around animals. 

Go Fund Me for Toby: https://www.gofundme.com/24jtcg5g 


PREVIOUS: BENTON COUNTY, WA- One-year-old German Shepherd Hound mix, Toby, was shot in the chest Friday morning and it fighting to stay alive. 

Toby's foster family said the bullet narrowly missed his heart.  Toby is a part of Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue.

Olivia Archibald's mother fosters Toby.  Archibald said she fell in love with Toby months ago and she is one of the main reasons why he is in their lives.  Everything changed Friday morning in Benton County near Badger Canyon.  Archibald said her parents just came back from vacation and noticed something different when they pulled in the driveway.

"They got out of the car and he had blood splatters all over his legs, all over near his mouth.  There was a prominent hole on his chest and there was just a bunch of blood all over his chest," said Archibald.

They washed him off and immediately took him to the vet.  The vet discovered the gun used on Toby was neither a BB gun or a pellet gun.  Now, Toby is at the WSU Veterinary to get a blood transfusion, some tests, and they will decide what is next.

"It's pretty serious.  The bullet is lodged fairly close to his heart and he is still bleeding into his chest cavity," said Andrea Moreno, President of Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue.

"There are so many emotions. It's confused, it's angry, it's upset.  Obviously the main priority is getting Toby taken care of," said Moreno.

The family also owns dogs of their own.

"It looks as if this was deliberate. Toby was shot at close range with intent to kill, in a fenced yard.  He was on his own property," said Moreno.

As this family fights alongside Toby, they hope this never happens to anyone else. 

"We want to spread the word that this is a serious thing.  It's not something that we're going to take lightly and say 'oh he was just shot, it's no big deal,' it is a big deal," said Archibald.

The Benton County Sheriff's Office is still investigating.  If you'd like to help out, visit the Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue website, or email them at mikeyschance@gmail.com.