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Heavy winds knock over a tree damaging a home

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ELLENSBURG, WA - A wind heavy advisory is in place until 11 p.m. for the Kittitas Valley. Winds of up to 35 mph and gusts of up to 50 mph will be making their way through the town of Ellensburg today. Yesterday strong winds made their way through the town and caused damage, knocking down a roughly 80-foot-tall tree onto someones home at the corner of Tacoma avenue and Sampson street. 

That someone is Charlie Tierney, owner of Whipsaw Brewing in Ellensburg who was at work when the tree fell over and damaged his home and car.

"We are fortunate," said Tierney. "If we would have taken Sunday off we might have been sitting on the patio were the tree landed." 

Tierney said that the tree fell because the soil around it was saturated by a creek. This type of situation may be hard to avoid, but Fire Chief and Emergency Manager for the Kittitas Valley, John Sinclair said that people can take other precautions to protect themselves and their property.

"What you want to do is dress for it, you want to layer yourself," said Sinclair. "Wear glasses or goggles if you are going to be out in the wind. Make sure that everything that you have got that can be blown away is buttoned down or secured." 

Sinclair also said that people should exercise caution when driving in high winds.

"If you are driving 80 mph and something happens and a gust takes you, you can be blown off of the road and onto another lane quickly," said Sinclair. "If you are driving 50 mph you have more time to react."

He adds that since there is a lot of farmland in Ellensburg people should be wary of dust storms because they can cause some of the same dangerous conditions as a blizzard or severe fog.  

Although the tree damaged Tierney's home he is keeping a positive outlook and said that he is lucky nobody was hurt.

"I am glad no one was hurt and it is only stuff," said Tierney.