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10-year-old calls 9-1-1 for teacher having seizure

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FINLEY, WA. -- Staff at Finley Elementary School say they're very proud of a 5th grade student, a girl only 10-years-old for what she did Tuesday, handling a very scary and pressure filled situation that happened in her classroom. What the student did, helped get one of the teachers the medical attention they needed.

Just before the end of the school bell, Shelby Resoner's reading teacher started getting light headed. Another teacher asked Shelby to help. so she grabbed her a chair for the teacher to sit in and took all the students out of the room. 

In the hallway, Shelby saw her teacher starting to have a seizure. The other teacher asked her to call for help. 

Shelby ran into another classroom, interrupting a class in the middle of testing and dialed 9-1-1. She spent the next 15 minutes on the phone with dispatch calmly giving them details. 

"(The teacher) came today when I was in Mr. Hayfield's (class)," Shelby said. "And me and Brian always sit next to each other and she was like, 'may I please see Shelby Resoner?' And I went back and she gave me hugs because I saved her life. My dad, I went home and my dad's like really? And I was like yeah. He's like you know what? I think you're really a superstar now for helping her."

"The fact that a 5th grade girl was able to keep it all together and go and get help and stay calm and give the information they needed to to the 9-1-1 dispatch center was awesome," Finley Elementary School Principal Pan Kinne said. 

On Wednesday, Shelby's reading teacher was back at school and feeling much better. Shelby's mom, Melissa, says she's very proud of her daughter. And if they ever have an emergency at home, she'll know who to ask to call for help.