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Woman confronts man trying to break into her home

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YAKIMA, WA - Amanda Kelly woke up around 3:30 in the morning on Friday to a noise outside her bedroom window, when she looked outside her blinds she saw a man staring right back at her and she says what she did next was pure impulse.

"He took off and jumped over the fence," said Kelley. "I jumped out my window and went to my neighbors house to check on the disabled clients that live there because I was really concerned." 

Kelley was armed with only her cellphone and said she wanted to make sure her neighbors had not been broken into since the man had a sack of items. For her this move could have been potentially dangerous because the man saw her and went after her.

"I actually froze for a second, I knew I was not going to make it all the way back here," said Kelley. "He was screaming at me, I think it actually hit him that I was calling the cops."

Kelley said that as she was being confronted police showed up and the man began to flee. She said that it took at least eight law enforcement officials to take the man into custody. 

"He tried fighting them off and you could tell that he was under the influence that is one of his charges, he had some controlled substances on him," said Kelley. "He just was not there I knew that the minute that I started yelling at him that I was going to call YPD and he just had a blank stare."

Kelley said that she learned a very valuable lesson through her ordeal, to not do the same thing again. 

"You never know what people are going to do, you never know and it is not worth it," said Kelley.