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Woman says her daughter got head lice at a Yakima school

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YAKIMA, WA - When one of Melissa Christianson's three daughters came home from school last week she had a surprise, one that she did not know about and one that she would give to her siblings.

"My oldest daughter said, I think I found a bug in my hair and I said no you did not, you are freaking out about nothing, you do not have a bug in your hair," said Christianson. "When I came home I checked her and yes, she had lice."

Christianson then checked her other two children and sure enough they also had head lice.

"The oldest one got it at school, the middle one caught it from her sister, the youngest one caught it from her sister," said Christianson "I think it started at the middle school."

That middle school is Franklin Middle School. Spokesperson for the school district Kirsten Fitterer said that lice in schools is something that happens all the time, she adds that when three cases of lice are confirmed in a school all parents are notified. She also said that it is important to know that most cases of head lice originate at home and not at school. 

The school districts policy states that students will not be excluded or isolated from the classroom due to head lice, since it is mostly spread by direct head-to-head contact. In this situation students are notified to not touch heads or share any items that come in contact with their hair. The district states that it is up to parents to rid their child or children of head lice, which is what Christianson is doing.

"We think we have cleared it up, but you pretty much have to check every day for two weeks to make sure it is gone so we are on day six and it looks good," said Christianson.