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City Council lifts marijuana businesses ban in Yakima

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YAKIMA, WA - a decision was made tonight in regard to Yakima's marijuana business ban. It was a close decision, but the council decided in favor of lifting the ban. After much discussion from members of the community, both for and against, a motion to lift the ban was put on the table. The motion was made by Holly Cousens and it was seconded by council member Kathy Coffey. 

Before the vote took place, council member Carmen Mendez expressed that she did not support lifting the ban and would not change her stance. In the end the ban was lifted four to three with Mendez, Bill Lover and Maureen Adkison voting against it. The people who attended the meeting were just as divided on the decision as the city council. 

"This is an amazing chance for us to finally be responsible as a people and we actually get to set forth some policy for our community and we finally get an opportunity to tackle the black market issue here," said Jon Brulotte, who is in favor of the ban lift.

"we are not defeated by any means," said Marco Campos, who is against the ban lift. "We are going to keep on fighting with the planning commission. There is now way that we are going to allow stores to be open close to schools and close to neighborhoods where kids walk to and form school every day."

The lifting of the ban was followed by another motion made by Cousens, that would direct staff and the planning commission to make recommendations to the council in regard to any under lining zoning and land use regulations.

Cousens said that the motion was about creating a safe process and allowing new industries and jobs for the city. The motion was passed unanimously and those recommendations will need to be made by July 5th.