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Fish and Wildlife track black bear cub in Prosser

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PROSSER, WA. -- Right now Fish and Wildlife are still tracking a young bear in the Prosser area. In fact, on Thursday, a farm worker came face to face with the little cub. Thankfully, the bear is afraid of people and ran off. 

The bear was last spotted in an orchard field near Byron Road coming down a hill. It was spooked off into the orchard field.

Fish and wildlife have a bear trap set up to catch the bear. The plan is to get the bear trapped inside the cylinder trap, unharmed.

Fish and wildlife officers are currently hot on the trail of a bear roaming Prosser. 

"This right here is the location the bear was last seen in earlier today," Fish and Wildlife Officer Jonathan Horn said. "So it ran right through here."

Thursday an orchard worker came face to face with the bear near Byron Road. 

"So this right here is a bear track," Officer Horn said. "This is maybe a hind paw."

Both the worker and the bear were spooked and ran in different directions. The bear was last seen heading into the olive grove. Officers think this is where the bear has made it's home for the last week. 

"So we're assuming that it's going to come back to this area," Officer Horn said.

A cylinder trap is now waiting to grab this young black bear cub, probably weighing just over 100 pounds. 

"Once the bear enters the trap," Officer Horn said. "It will go after the bait. Once it grabs a hold of that bag and pulls on it, that will trigger the door to shut."

So what makes a good lunch for a bear?

"Pastries and some sardines and things like that," Officer Horn told us. 

Fish and Wildlife doesn't see many bears in our area.

"It's pretty rare, typically you don't find them this close to town," Officer Horn said. 

Good news is, the cub isn't causing too much trouble besides rummaging through one home's trash. 

"Generally speaking, they're more afraid of people than people are of it," Officer Horn said. 

The plan is to tranquilize the cub once it's in this trap and take it to a new home in the Cascades West of Yakima. The only problem is, this is the third location officers have put this trap. They're just waiting for the little guy to get hungry enough to step inside.

Fish and Wildlife says to keep the bear away from your property, make sure you have a tight seal on all your trash cans. If you do see the bear, make sure you call Fish and Wildlife as soon as possible.