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Three different luring attempts reported in Kennewick

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            KENNEWICK, WA - Kennewick Police reported three different incidents of children in Kennewick being involved in a possible luring.

  • On Wednesday an officer responded to the 1300 block of West 10th Ave. where a 7-year-old girl reported a man in a dark two door Honda Civic drove up to her, near the mailbox at 6:30, got out of his car opened the passenger door and asked if she wanted a ride.

           The girl describe the man as having gray hair, gray facial hair, glasses and tattoos. She said there were a women and a young boy in the backseat            of the car.  Police said she ran back to her apartment and reported the incident to her mother.

  • On Tuesday officers a 10-year-old girl reported a woman in a car asked her if she wanted a ride. 

            Police say this happened after school on the 3100 block of W 19th Ave as the Southgate Elementary student was walking to her father's car.

            The dad took a photo of the suspect vehicle.  Officers described as a red or maroon Chevrolet Suburban driven by a 'mom' age female with blonde             hair. 

            The vehicle and driver were not identified or located.

  • At Vista Elementary a 10-year-old girl reported a man came out of his home and tried to lure her into his house on her on her walk to school. 

           Police said he invited her to come inside his home for breakfast and put his hand on her shoulder on the 7000 block of W. Willamette Ave. 

           She told police she hit him with her violin case and ran to school.  Deputies contacted the suspected man but he denied contacting the girl. 

           No charges at this time