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High School tennis player battles back to achieve her dreams

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KENNEWICK, WA. -- There's something about the rhythm of tennis. A mesmerizing back and forth. In and out. Giving players a sense of power.. That's what Savannah Forbes loves about the game. 

"It makes me feel really in control," Savannah Forbes said. 

For Savannah, simply being on the court is miraculous. While most 16-year-olds would be thinking about school, boys and clothes, Savannah was thinking about survival.

"I actually have a scar that goes from my ear all the way across my head," Savannah told us. 

Savannah's condition came unexpectedly. 

"I was at a summer camp and I got a really bad headache one day," she said. "And just got really sick. I thought I had a migraine. And they did a CAT scan and found that I had a brain bleed."

That same weekend, Savannah planned to see her favorite musician, Taylor Swift, in concert in Seattle. A cruel twist of fate put her in Harborview Medical Center, right down the street from the concert at CenturyLink Field. 

"And I had to have two brain surgeries," Savannah said. 

You might even remember Savannah from her video that was shared online thousands of times.

"Hey Taylor, so I was supposed to come to your concert this weekend in Seattle," Savannah said in the video. "But I had to have two brain surgeries and now I'm stuck here at the hospital. It would make my wildest dreams come true though if you would give me a call or come visit me here at Harborview Medical Center." 

After surgery, doctors didn't know if Savannah would ever fully recover. Somehow, she's fought her way back to practicing with Kamiakin's Varsity Tennis Team. And she's not just practicing, she's playing. And playing well! 

It's hard to describe what a mother goes through when they almost lose their child. 

"There was time when she became unresponsive, and it was the most terrifying moment of my life," Pamela Forbes said.

Pamela just knows she never wants to see her daughter like that ever again. 

"I was terrified for what the future might hold for her," Pamela said. "And I'm so thankful that this is her future."

As for Taylor Swift, well... 

"She never called me!" Savannah exclaimed with a smile.

"Are you upset about that at all?" we asked.

"I was a little at first, but she's a busy lady so it's OK," Savannah said smiling.  

"She still loves Taylor Swift so it's all good," Pamela told us. 

Savannah has a spirit that's been unbreakable.

"I think there are so many things that we take for granted," Savannah said. "Just like being able to walk. After surgery I couldn't walk. I tried to walk and I was stepping on my own feet. I think everybody just needs to value every day that they have."

After almost losing everything, Savannah now has control over what's she calls her second opportunity. And Taylor, if you're watching, there's now a second opportunity for you make that phone call!

Just don't expect Savannah to wait around for it.

Savannah just played in the district playoffs last weekend. She didn't win but she's still very proud of her play this season. 

We've been following Savannah ever since we first heard about her attempt to get Taylor Swift to contact her back in August. It really seems like she can do anything. Her next goal is going to college!