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How to keep your pet safe in the heat

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YAKIMA, WA - It is that time of the year again, triple digit heat and to keep your pet safe the Yakima Humane Society has some tips. Nicole Papageorgiou, Outreach and Education Manager at the Humane Society said it is important to remember air conditioning, shade, fresh water and of course leaving your pet at home and if possible inside. 

"When it is 70 degrees outside, it takes less than 10 minutes to have the inside of the car get up to almost 100 degrees and that is even with the windows quote on quote open," said Papageorgiou.

In addition it only takes 15 minutes for the inside of a car to reach 140 degrees on a 100 degree day. If temperatures are too high than she recommends that people do not walk their dogs because a hot floor can burn a dogs paws and pads. 

"It is very easy for an animal to have burned and blistered pads in a matter of minutes."

One way of checking if it is okay to walk your pet is by putting your hand for five seconds on the surface that your pet will be walking on. If it is too hot for your hand then that means it is too hot for a walk. Papageorgiou said if you need to walk your pet then consider doing it either in the early morning or at night. 

People can cool their pets off is by dousing them with water. An effective way of doing this by wetting their pets pads and the inner part of the ear, but not the inside. Papageorgiou said that if people put too much cold water too fast on a pet it can have a negative effect on them and adds that owners should not soak or submerge their pets in water. 

Papageorgiou said that the best way people can keep their pets safe in high temperatures is by keeping them inside with fresh water and air conditioning