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Family outraged after neighbor shoots and kills puppy

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PASCO, WA. -- One family says Thursday was a nightmare after their neighbor allegedly shot their dog. They're asking, was it necessary?

It's story that will make you cringe. A man shot a family pet in the face and then left it lying in the dirt. The young husky puppy who was timid and sweet according to the owner, died. And the owner says, this isn't the first time this has happened. 

A dog is more than man's best friend, they're a part of the family. And Thursday, a member of Fernando Torres' family was violently taken from them.  

"The neighbor Paul comes over in his truck and says your dogs are on my property, if you don't get them, I'm going to kill them," Fernando said. "So as my dad is getting a worker, getting some rope, getting in the truck, no more than 2 minutes, he starts hearing gunshots."

This is how they found 6-month old Koda.

"It wasn't dead," Fernando said. "It was still alive. It was just lying there, still alive. Wheezing."

Later that day, he had to be put down. Fernando's sister was especially close to the Koda. 

"She feels violated," Fernando told us. "So does my little brother. He's only 11. He doesn't understand what's going on. He just knows that Koda isn't coming home."

Fernando says their neighbor Paul Herr was the man who pulled the trigger. And he's killed other pets over the years.  

"Our neighbors down the road, they've had two dogs shot by him and the other neighbor has had a peacock shot by him," Fernando said. "I don't understand what he's trying to protect from a peacock."

Fernando took us to Paul's house just down the road. According to Fernando, Paul says he shoots these pets to protect his chicken coop. 

"I've never seen a chicken coop here," Fernando said as he looked around the property. 

We wanted to ask Paul himself. Just a little while later, he pulled into his driveway. 

"The neighbors here are upset that you shot their dog yesterday. Why did you shoot her?" we asked. Paul just drove away without saying a word. 

Paul obviously didn't have very much to say. Fernando says he's had enough this time, and he wants to see something done. 

"Something needs to happen to this man," Fernando said. "He needs to be brought up on charges, some animal cruelty charges. Maybe he'll stop what he's doing. Because this has been happening over years and no one has stepped up and said anything."

Fernando's family will remember Koda through her father, Max. But nothing will ever help them erase this image from their mind. 

We talked to Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond on the phone Friday afternoon. He told us sheriff's deputies are making a report on the shooting. When they finish, the details will be submitted to the prosecutors office for possible charges.