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Kennewick business makes meal prepping easy for any lifestyle

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KENNEWICK, WA - A Kennewick business that has been in the same spot for a decade is one of the Tri-Cities' best kept secrets. Dream Dinners is one of the more aptly named businesses out there.

We all know meal prepping takes time. 

"I like cooking, but I don't like, you know, you never have the right ingredients, then you have to go out and get all these special ingredients, and then you never use them so it's just a waste of money. Then you have to chop everything, which takes forever," said wife and mother of a five-month-old, Tracie Russell.

Dream Dinners has changed her family's eating life, though.

"This does all of that for you, you throw it in a pan and then you're done," said Russell.

It's meal prepping, made easy. Like, really easy.

"When you come in you get little cards that tells you what you've ordered. Then you look at the names of them and you match them up with the things and then all of the ingredients are color-coded, so you don't even have to think about it. You just throw stuff in the bag and zip it up," Russell explained who the whole process works.

"We always on our menu have some Mexican flair, some Italian, flair, Asian, burgers, steaks, seafood," Dream Dinners owner Melissa Edberg talked about the menu. She and her husband are Dream Dinners' most recent owners. She said business has doubled in the last year.

"I love Dream Dinners because specifically it's about getting families around the dinner table," said Edberg.

For those of us stuck in our go-to-dinner ruts, like the Russell family's former favorite, Russell shared some insight: "It doesn't take any longer than hamburger helper, it's usually not much more difficult than hamburger helper, but it tastes a lot better."

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