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Yakima Humane Society talks pit bull ban

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YAKIMA, WA - In Yakima we all know it is against the law to own a pit bull but things could be changing very soon, as soon as next week. If the ban is lifted this could mean that pit bulls who sit in shelters for a long time could be adopted sooner and by people who live in Yakima. 

"If it was lifted it means that we can help more animals because our goal is to be here for our entire community whether they like pit bulls or they do not like pit bulls," said Nicole Papageorgiou, Education Manager at the Yakima Humane Society. 

In some cases pit bulls will be transferred outside the state so they can find homes. Papageorgiou said that since January only about 100 pit bulls have made their way through the Yakima Humane Society. 

In Yakima there have been pit bull attacks in the past and even a death which only reinforced the ban, but Papageorgiou said that all animals can be aggressive and it is not a trait that is specific to the pit bull breed.    

"Just as any animal can be unsafe any breed of animal can be unsafe. I think right now we are focusing on pit bulls a lot  because of some of the terrible things that are being done with them," she said.