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Quintero given 32-years for killing ex-girlfriend on Christmas Eve in front of their daughter

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KENNEWICK, WA. -- The man who shot and killed his 21-year-old girlfriend on Christmas Eve is handed down his sentence by a judge Monday. 

This past Christmas Eve, 20-year-old Francisco Munoz Quintero got into an argument with his ex-girlfriend, 21-year-old Luisa Garcia.

During the argument, Quintero pulled out his gun and shot Garcia twice. Their one year old daughter was sitting in the backseat. On Monday, Quintero found out how long he would be in jail for the murder.

A jury already convicted Francisco Quintero of second degree murder for shooting his 21-year-old ex-girlfriend, Luisa Garcia, on Christmas Eve, pushing her body out of the car and leaving her to die in the street.

Prosecutor Andy Miller read a letter to the court written by Luisa's mother Maria. 

"While (their daughter) is praying, she looks up at the ceiling and blows a kiss up to the ceiling, to her mom maybe," the letter read. "I think she knows Luisa isn't coming back. He (Quintero) didn't just take Luisa's life, he took life from all of us."

Quintero spoke on his own behalf. 

"I want to apologize to her family," Quintero said. "I can't find the right words to express to you how much I regret all of this."

Quintero also addressed his daughter, who was 22-months old and sat in the back seat while her father shot her mother. 

"I'm sorry baby girl," Quintero said, holding back tears. "I love you with every bit of me and it tears me apart to know that you won't have mommy or daddy by your side. I will always pray for your health and happiness. Keep your head up and be strong princess, love Dad."

Judge Jackie Brown sentenced Quintero for a total of 32.5 years in jail, an enhanced sentence above the standard range because of the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the shooting. 

"A big part of domestic violence is control," Judge Brown said. "Love is not about control Mr. Munoz Quintero. One day I hope you learn that."

Quintero's defense team filed a notice of appeal today in court. 

The two families are currently in court to determine custody for Garcia and Quintero's daughter.

Judge Brown said, if there is any positive, is that there are plenty of family members, seemingly on both sides of the aisle who love that little girl so much after she has tragically lost both of her parents.