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Cougars continue to crawl through Yakima

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Cougars often only come out when it's dark outside. Cougars often only come out when it's dark outside.

YAKIMA, Wash.--- There have been more cougar sightings since we reported in Friday. The last place it was seen was along Tieton and Friedline in Yakima. We have seen multiple Facebook posts from different people, some saying they saw cougar tracks in their yard and others saying they lost a beloved animal to the cougar. Fish and wildlife have yet to capture this wild feline. 

So in the meantime, you can help keep your animals safe by keeping cats and dogs in the house. If they need to be fed outside or let out to go to the bathroom, try to do it while it is still light outside. If they are left outside all night, they could be potential prey for a cougar. Keep livestock and other outdoor animals in secure pens, or look into getting a guard animal. Make sure to use garbage cans with tight fitting lids. Smaller animals, like raccoons, often serve as prey for cougars, so keeping the raccoons away means keeping the cougars away. We will continue to follow this story and bring you updates.

For more tips on precautions when it comes to cougars and other wildlife, click on the link below: