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"Mom"preneur in Richland creates extra-durable dog toy

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RICHLAND, WA - For anyone with a dog in your life you know how quickly they can go through toys - and those aren't always cheap. That's exactly what spurred a former medical professional to ditch her corporate job and start her very own business with the help of Fuse SPC in Richland

Hilary Kelsay and her husband are northwest natives and have been living in the Tri-Cities for two years.

"New family of four. This is the newest member of the family. Piper grace. She is three days old," said Hilary.

Definitely the biggest baby in the family is Penny, the family dog. She gives her baby humans a run for their actual money.

"We're talking thousands of dollars in toys," said Hilary.

Penny, like many puppies, can't make toys last.

"In the first six months of her life she singlehandedly destroyed every single toy we ever purchased for her," said Hilary.

While Hilary's husband was at work one day Penny got ahold of one of his leather loafers.

"I just let her have them. She really liked them," said Hilary with a laugh. She told her husband Penny needed her own loafer and thus Penny's Loafer was born. In the last few years, Hilary has done extensive research - much of it on Penny.

"The bottom of the shoe is tread so you can put peanut butter or canned pumpkin or your dog's favorite canned treat. I do that and then just stick Penny outside," said Hilary.

The toy is Taylor-made to fit a dog's mouth. The laces are buffalo jerky or raw-hide and it's all been approved as safe by a veterinarian.

"There's an indestructible, or nearly indestructible rubber body. We know that there will always be that one dog that gets through our patent-pending  material. So we're careful with what we say but it is crazy durable," said Hilary. 

Hilary is using Kickstarter to crowdfund the last of the capitol needed to get manufacturing started to fulfill order. When we asked just how many order have come in for the "mom"preneur - she gave the perfect answer.

"I don't know the answer to that. I've been in the hospital and I'm trying not to obsess about it," said Hilary.

Hilary has partnered with some other local businesses to make Penny Loafer's a reality. CI Solutions will be putting the toys together, packaging and shipping them. The toy is made in Richland at Plastic Injection Molding. 

Kickstarter: http://pennysloafer.com/